How to Clean your Dog’s Ears

Inspecting and cleaning your dog’s ears regularly is the best way to prevent problems. This isn’t as hard as you think; the first step is getting your dog used to you handling his ears.

Some dogs have no problem with someone handling their ears, if you have one like this, jump down to the ear cleaning section.

Otherwise, you’ll need to get him used to you touching around and in his ears. Of course, it is best to do this when he is a puppy; just once a week or so lift his ears, take a look, and massage the base a little. Also take a quick sniff, to see if he has any ear odor. This gives you a chance to get familiar with the normal state of his ears, so you’ll know immediately when something is going on.

If you have an older dog, don’t give up. Do the same thing, occasionally touching and massaging his ears. Once he seems ok with you doing this, you can move on to cleaning.

Don’t forget to reward him when you’re done with each of these sessions!

Now if your dog is just too stressed with this handling, he may have an ear infection or something else going on that is making his ears too tender to be touched. In this case, take him to your veterinarian to examine.

If you don’t think he has an infection, ear mites, or any other problems but he just won’t put up with you touching his ears, take him to a groomer. Ear cleaning is part of the standard grooming package in most cases, and they are trained to handle sensitive dogs.

Ear Cleaning

Before starting, take a close look and make sure there are no dog ear problems or ear infections. If you just see wax or dirt, start cleaning.

What you need:

•Cotton Balls
•Ear wash for dogs, preferable something gentle and natural. I like this tea tree oil cleaner.
•Paper towels

How to:

1.Pick a quiet spot outside or in an easily cleaned area like the bathroom. When your dog shakes out any excess cleaner, there may be a bit of a mess

2.Gently pull the dog’s ear tip to straighten. Drip the recommended amount of cleaner into the ear, per the label directions

3.Gently massage the base of you dog’s ear for 30 or so seconds. You may hear a ‘squishy’ sound, or feel it moving around a bit

4.Tilt his head and let excess cleaner drip out onto a towel. After this, he may want to give his head a good shake, so let him!

5.Use a cotton ball to wipe down the inside of his ear. If the outer part of his ear is still dirty or has ear wax, moisten the cotton ball with ear cleaner and wipe.

6. Repeat for other ear

7. Treat and give him lots of love for being a good dog!

Some dogs don’t need their ears cleaned very often, while other dogs, especially dogs with allergies or with floppy ears may require weekly cleaning. The only way to know is to inspect your dog’s ears often.

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