Three Steps to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

If you’ve been inspecting your dog’s ears regularly and there are no signs of infection, most of the time you will only need to do a quick clean. This technique works well if there is only a little visible wax or dirt, and keeps your dog’s ears in good shape:

  1. Hold on to the tip of his ear and lift to open his ear
  2. Use a gentle wipe, either a baby wipe or a product made for dogs, and wipe the exposed portions of his ear.
  3. Wrap the wipe around your index finger, and insert finger a short way into his ear
    (not more than 1/2 inch). Gently wipe to remove wax and dirt.

Repeat on the other side and you’re done!

Earthbath wipes work really well.

Of course, if the ear canal looks abnormal, clean only the outside and consult a vet.

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